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Reflection of Fallen

From the road back home.

Lauriel Tiriel
1 October 1980

First of all, I'm crazyhead.

I love to explain dreams, I'm endlessly interested about what's going on inside (your :P) mind of human being. I love long and (hopefully) intelligent discussion with other people but I don't despise those who wants to have fun. If it is time for having fun, I join willingly. ;)

To balance heavy load of troubles, own and other's, I relax in the nature. I can spend long minutes just examining how ants are running pass. Horses are of course important part of relaxing, only familiar scent of them makes me feel better.

When I need complete escape from the reality, I read books. I read all kind of books, fiction and fact, anything can be interesting if it's written well.

Oh, and I am very addicted to the tests online.

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